iPhone XR Review: One month later

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iPhone Xr: Review/Análise - TecMundo

O iPhone XR é a opção mais “”””“acessível””””” de celular lançada pela Apple em dois mil e dezoito. E essas aspas aqui é porque não tem jeito nenhum de dizer que ele é barato, mas ele é de fato o modelo menos caro que a Maçã revelou esse ano. Ele traz o mesmo poder de fogo que o XS e o XS Max, câmeras em qualidade muito parecida também e a mesma identidade visual, com algumas diferenças óbvias. #[Tipo: Análise] CRÉDITOS Texto: Leonardo Rocha Narração: Leonardo Rocha Imagens: Renan Pagliarusi Edição de vídeo: Danilo Salsa Boros Motion Graphics: Gustavo Silva Arte da thumb: Silmara Slobodzian A melhor programação está no TecMundo - História da Tecnologia - Análises e Reviews - The Hardware Show - Melhores Apps para android e ios - Hoje no TecMundo

Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

The iPhone XR has gotten a bad rap, and I wanted to set the record straight by doing a detailed comparison review. Let’s see if I can convince some of you to believe in the iPhone XR!

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Learn more about Wix: http://www.wix.com/go/pocketnow Android and iOS go head to head once again, this time with the latest pure offerings from either ecosystem. It's clear that both phones provide top-notch (ha) experiences, so where can we find some differences in the day to day? Josh goes through the details of both phones to start the discussion. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/pocketnowsub http://pocketnow.com Follow us: http://flipboard.com/@Pocketnow http://facebook.com/pocketnow http://twitter.com/pocketnow http://google.com/+pocketnow http://instagram.com/pocketnow Graphics provided by: Motionvfx.com About us: Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! [Video Title] [Video URL] Pocketnow https://www.youtube.com/pocketnow Songs: Lakey Inspired - Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2018 - 19 Saydee

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iPhone XR has been out for just over a month, and I’ve been using it, sometimes side by side with an iPhone XS, often times on its own, and for the last few days side by side with an iPhone 6s. Why a 6s? Because I wanted to get a sense not just of how cool the new colors are, though they are, or whether the display and camera system were dealbreakers compared to the iPhone XS, which really depends on the individual, but how much of a difference the upgrade will make to a real person in the real world.

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And a lot of people considering the XR, people who don’t get a new phone to review every couple days, weeks, or months, have been using the same phone for a couple or few years already. That’s the 6s. Maybe the 6, SE, or 7. But mostly the 6s. And, if that’s you or someone you’re close to, I want to take my head out of the tech bubble for a minute and put myself in your shoes.

Maybe you’re ready to upgrade and you’re considering giving up the familiarity of the Home button — you know, the one only tech hot takers ever thought that was boring — and try out the full screen future. But you’re wondering if the $750 up front or the few bucks extra on your carrier plan is worth it for the iPhone XR. Whether it will provide value to you or yours beyond the price.

Just over a month later, that’s what we’re going to answer.


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